Since I fell deeply in love with the Crop Over Festival I made it my business to ensure that I attend at least one event. Although, one event is simply not enough it should be worthy enough to quench my thirst. Since this would be my second time blogging during the festival I decided to take … Continue reading CULTURE SHOOK


Sad Movies Always Make Me Cry…

But atrocious customer service makes mad as...🤬 Can I at least watch the movie before you kick me out? All I wanted to do with my life was to be one of the first persons to have been a part of The Avengers: Infinity War premiere. That's all. Since I've had a great experience with … Continue reading Sad Movies Always Make Me Cry…

Wakanda Forever and a Day

Since my last post Iron Sharpens Iron was as long as a novel I will keep this one extremely short. I have always been a Marvel fan. I actually prefer Marvel over D. C. Comics any day! Yup that's right, I compared the two and I said which I think is better. Don't come for … Continue reading Wakanda Forever and a Day


Part ONE  I know some of you don't like reading long dragged out stuff so I tried to keep this review as concise as possible. I believe that it is fair to say that 2017 was indeed one of the most challenging years I've ever experienced; I kid you not! They say that life is … Continue reading ⚔️ IRON SHARPENS IRON ⚔️


I will be totally honest with you, as I usually am. Every single year, every October would come and go and the thought of breast cancer would never cross my mind. The only thing I was basically focused on was either how many weeks were left before my birthday, the Christmas Holidays or when I … Continue reading MAN. WOMAN. US. 🎀 

Give me Liberty or Give me Pizza Pie! 

I should be totally ashamed and embarrassed to be now writing this post about my Fourth of July. Imagine, I had so many things planned for my Red, White and Blue day and guess what? I did nothing! Furthermore, days passed, actually weeks passed... wait, okay I dare say months passed by and I'm now … Continue reading Give me Liberty or Give me Pizza Pie! 

Mix Nutz. Mixed Feelingz. 

 And Just like that the festival is over! I had no plans on participating in this year's Sweetest Summer Festival, Crop Over, mainly because I wasn't really feeling it at the time. I even attended a few band launches in the hope that something ignites the flame of  the festival inside of me. Nope. That … Continue reading Mix Nutz. Mixed Feelingz.